My tree in the garden…

As I walked through the garden, many beautiful flowers caught my eye. Each one calling out to me, “Pick me, pick me!” with their radiant color and mesmerizing smell.

I bent down to the first one and my nose began to tickle. I realized this one is not for me.

I bent down to the second one, and my throat began to tickle. I bent to the third, fourth, fifth, sixth- and many more than I could ever count- and everywhere on my body tickled at one point as I realized that none of them were for me.

All I wanted was a nice flower to adorn my home and brighten up my life. Yet every one that I picked only caused me pain. So instead I chose to sit on a bench in the garden, read a book, and talk to my God.

Sitting on the bench next to God, He pointed out the tree giving us shade. “That was the tree I planted just for you,” He said in a gentle voice. “It will cover you, shade you and protect you. And with it I will always be here to share it with you.”

I sat up and smiled at my God as He continued to reveal His beauty to me.

“You wanted a flower for your table, but I had something better in mind: a covering in your life and protection for years to come. The tree does not die; it is everlasting. It’s strong and sturdy and will endure the test of time. Just sit here with me daily and bask in the covering that I have provided for you.”

As I sat on the bench listening to my God, I felt a cool, gentle breeze cover me and my breath was taken away. What God had for me was better than my desire, yet He provided abundantly and I was at peace.

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