Christmas Wishes

Today is Christmas Eve and this post is late because I am actively working on a million things at once. I am cleaning, preparing to cook, and working on my 2019 vision board… all before welcoming more than a dozen people into my home for our Christmas dinner.

But I feel blessed.

My 2018 has been nothing short of a God-driven year and I wanted to celebrate Jesus’ birthday with some of the people who made this year what it was. My mother loves to cook and I love to serve- so Framily Christmas Dinner it is!

So with all the planning and preparation that goes into hosting a dinner why would I choose today to work on my vision board? Well, idk, I think I’m partially crazy sometimes. LOL! Yet in all seriousness, God needed me to take some time for Him in the midst of planning for others. Scoot over mac and cheese, it’s time for me to get glittery with God!

As I sit with my best friend of almost 25 years, I am finding peace in just focusing on what God has planned for my 2019 instead of worrying about the specifics of tonight. Even in this creative process, God is helping me to realize that His Son is the only reason for this season. Yes, my heart is in the right place by wanting to celebrate with those I love, but Jesus tops them all.

Before I head back into the land of glitter, glue, and all things new, I want to share this Christmas wish with you: I wish you peace, love, and joy.

Peace– to be able to withstand whatever winds may blow, all while holding fast to the unchanging hand of God.

Love– to be able to show it and receive it as Christ intended for His people.

Joy– the true joy that comes from having the love and peace of God in your heart.

Merry Christmas to you, beloved. Enjoy this time with your family and friends, but always remember the true reason for our celebration- the birth of the Son of God.

Be blessed.

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