Thankful Thursday…

This is not a formal blog; no, this is just a blog of praise.

My mother was in a car accident yesterday… her second accident in six weeks. She was driving to pick up my niece from school, dropped something in her car, reached down to pick it up, ran up on the curb, and hit a small tree.

But she walked away from it.

She was treated by medics on the scene but she walked away from the accident (yes, I did take her to the Emergency Department).

She was upset and embarrassed about the accident but I just had a heart full of praise…

1. Even when she was unable to tell me where she was, I was able to call 911 and find her.

2. Her car was damaged but she was not.

3. All of her scans and x-rays came back normal.

4. My brother, sister-in-law, and niece (all of whom we have not seen since August) came to visit my mom in the hospital.

5. No one else was hurt during or because of her accident.

6. My niece was not in the car when it happened.

7. My sister and I were able to get to my mother quickly.

8. My mother is home resting now.

9. The prayer warriors joined together and sent up some might prayers on her behalf.

10. Our “village” stepped in to ensure that my family had everything that we needed during this adverse time.

While the accident was undesirable, my God still provided. My heart is full of praise and I just thank God.


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