An Anyhow God…

I cannot explain why God moves the way He does, but I can say that He is intentional in all that He does.

In a dream last night, God told me many things and gave me very clear directions on the next aspect of my life. As I have said before, God is very explicit in my dreams and talks to me often in my sleep, because it is the only time when I cannot talk back or interrupt Him. Lately I have been trying to be more obedient to Him and I am working on my hesitation/delay in moving in His will. So imagine my surprise when He told me in this dream to reach out to my former employer…. the one who fired me.

When I woke up this morning, I fought hard against that assignment. I even went as far as to text someone else from the company that I still get along with instead of reaching out to the owner that He wanted me to talk to. Yet as I lay there in my bed, I knew that was not His instruction, so I prepared to send the email to my former boss. After putting in the email address, God sent the theme of my email in two simple words: thank you. Yes, I wrote a thank you letter to the owner of the company that fired me back in May. I will be honest, that was probably the weirdest email that I have ever sent….but it was also the most liberating! As I typed, I saw God’s purpose shining through- to show someone just who God is and how He moves in the lives of His children. God sent me the words to say and I felt peace as I typed them. If I were being honest with you and myself, I would admit that a part of me still felt betrayed from being fired. Not upset, because I knew it was always God, but betrayed because I felt blindsided…. or like I deserved better treatment. Yet as I was writing God freed me and allowed me to thank this person for having the courage to do what I could not do- release me from that company. Today my mind is clearer, my spirit is at peace, and I have the time and ability to do the work of the Lord. Despite my initial disobedience, God still chose to bless me anyhow.

The Lesson…

Have you heard the saying “the Lion of Judah?” This expression refers to Jesus Christ, as He was the Lion coming to save His children and He was coming through the tribe of Judah. Going further back, the Tribe of Judah refers to the 12 tribes/children of Jacob (who was also named Israel). Judah was one of Jacob’s 12 sons and his mother was Leah (the sister that Jacob did not want to marry and did not favor). Despite how Jacob felt about Leah, Leah was the woman that God had favored and chosen to be the mother of the soon-coming King (Christ). In Genesis 37, we see that Joseph (son of Jacob and Rachel) was envied by his brothers and that they eventually sold him into slavery. Judah was one of the brothers who agreed to move along with this plan and aided in the sale of his brother. Yes, the very Judah through whom the Son of God would be born aided in the sale of his brother into slavery… but none of that is the lesson for today.

Open your bibles to Genesis 38.

Chapter 38 begins with a brief lineage of Judah. We see that he married a Canaanite woman (even though he was not supposed to) and that they had three sons. The first son took a wife and her name was Tamar, however, the first son was evil and the Lord killed him. Since their union was childless, Tamar was given to the second son as a wife so that the first son’s lineage could continue. When it came time to procreate, the second son decided not ejaculate in Tamar because he did not want his children to be raised under his older brother’s name. God saw what he did, disapproved of his actions, and killed him, also. By Jewish law, Tamar was supposed to be given to Judah’s third son but Judah had a different plan. He sent Tamar away to live with her family, instead of allowing her to stay with his family as she waited for the third son to be of marrying age. When Tamar realized what was happening, she decided to take justice into her own hands. (Go read the story because I am skipping ahead.)

Despite Judah’s past with his brother Joseph and his underhanded dealings with Tamar, God favored him anyhow. Our God is an “anyhow” type of God. When He sets His mind out to bless someone or use someone for a specific task, there is nothing that anyone can do to change His mind. As you continue to read the bible, you will see that the Israelites did much evil in the sight of the Lord, but through it all, He maintained His covenant with His children. As we read in Matthew chapter one, the promised Messiah came through the humble, sin-stained line of Abraham, passing through Judah and Tamar, Ruth and Boaz, David and Bathsheba, and even the evil king, Jehoiachin.

God is intentional and He blesses His children anyhow.

However, Beloved, I must add this; God is a merciful and gracious God, but when we do not move as He initially instructs, there will be a consequence. My advice for you (and me): move as He instructs and when He instructs.

I have drawn closer to the Lord in these months since leaving my job than I ever was at any other time in my life. When my former employer fired me, I am sure they thought they were doing something of their own will, but actually, they were doing what God had already planned. And despite my reluctance to leave that job when He had initially spoken, He chose to still bless me anyhow.


We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Yet He still has a divine purpose for our lives and chooses to bless us in spite of ourselves.

He is just that kind of God.

He is an Anyhow God.

Be blessed.


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