Ask and you shall receive…

Today is Saturday, December 16, 2017 and I have officially received everything that I wanted for Christmas. I know, that sounds a bit vain, but let me explain…

This is coat wearing weather, Shells….

When I moved back home with my mother in April, I was still employed and I put the bulk of my items in a storage unit in VA. I just knew that I would only be living with my mother for 3-4 months so I left all of my winter clothes in the unit. However, when November rolled around and I was still at my mother’s, I knew it was time to get some winter things from storage. So the bestie and I drove to the unit and sorted through boxes and bags so that I could get a scarf, some clothes and boots, and a coat. When we opened the unit, I was sad to see that some of the lower boxes had received some unwelcome visitors in the form of random bugs (which I detest!).

I had a slight breakdown because I felt like the few pieces of my independence were being ruined and I felt defeated. During the ride home, God spoke to me and calmed my spirit. By the time I got home, I was content with who I was and what God was doing in my life. I trusted Him and I realized that the items in the storage unit were just things- they did not define me or the God in me. (Sorry for the long intro!)

So Amy and I sorted through all of my clothes and, after I washed them all, I had gathered two big bags of clothes to donate. My winter coat was supposed to stay with me, as winter was approaching, but by the time I arrived at the donation drop box, I decided to donate my coat, too. I figured since temperatures were pretty stable, I could survive with just a hoodie and a denim jacket- so that’s what I wore for a few weeks. I knew that while I was without a coat, someone else would be able to make good use of my coat. It brought me joy to know that someone else would receive warmth from my donation. As the temperatures began to take a drop, I made the mental note to buy a new coat from Burlington by Christmas so that I wouldn’t freeze during the actual winter months. But then temperatures randomly dropped to 12 degrees this past Thursday so I had to ask my mother for a real coat to borrow. The coat was a bit big, with short sleeves (mommy dearest is shorter than me), but it did its job well.

Fast forward to later that night while at my discipleship class: in comes the bestie with a brand new coat for me. Apparently, she and her father had been cleaning out the house and saw the new coat (with price tags still attached) and she decided to gift it to me.

WHAT??? WoW!!!

And just like that, one Christmas wish had been granted.

My second wish…

My sister is a techie- like, true, true techie. So when my 10yr old laptop was spazzing out on me, I gave it to her to work her techie magic. Two days later she called to say that the laptop was preparing for its transition into computer heaven. I was sad but I knew I still had an iPad so, while it would be difficult, I could still write blogs and work on this ministry that God has given me….but then last night, my iPad began to spaz, too. (I promise, I am NOT the problem.) Once the iPad started acting funny, I knew the time was coming for me to find another device so that I could write and minister. I asked God to make a way for me. He had blessed me with this ministry and I want to see it through. I want to work on it the way God wants me to… but a spazzing iPad and dying laptop would not let me and this ministry be great.

So I sent out a random text message to my sister and my close gal pals, sarcastically asking if anyone had an old laptop that they wanted to GIFT to me. One friend responded immediately with a sad face, saying she did not have one to spare. My sister responded with options for me to purchase one, with a possible discount since I work for the school system. I even looked into upgrading my iPad through Verizon but when I saw the prices, my wallet declined that option.

But God had something else planned.

Less than 24hrs after sending my text, here I sit, typing on the gently-used laptop that my bestie gave me. She had read my text, and while she did not respond, she spoke to God and knew that she could help. This was her laptop that she had not used since October and God led her to give it to me so that ministry work could be completed with ease.

SERIOUSLY?! Thank You, Lord!!!

And just like that, my second Christmas wish was answered!

My takeaway…

After I got home, I called my bestie to thank her again for the items that she gave me. I also tried to reason with her that this was all too much. It was in my millionth plea that she finally said “this is a lesson to us both that God will give us what we need.”

She was right.

I had asked for two items that I needed, the Lord provided, so who was I to question the source of the gifts?

Amy and I tend to give so much to others that when we do receive something, we literally do not know how to accept it. We always ask the giver “are you sure?”… *20 mins later*… “Are you really sure?” ….*2 hours and several more questions later* …”Well, if you’re sure- thank you!”

The bestie also added that when we ask God for something, we need to be prepared for the fact that He. Will. Answer.

We cannot ask God for something and then be surprised when He responds. He may be God, but He is also our Father and is never too busy to hear our cries and answer our prayers.


Here’s a challenging question: What if we lack because we don’t ask?

Open your bibles to Matthew 7:7. What does the scripture say?

The answer to every unasked question will always be “no.” We have to at least ask and then pray for peace with whatever God’s answer may be.

Will His answer always be YES? No.

Will His answer always be something that we consider favorable? No.

Will His answer be right on time and perfect? YES!!!

This year for Christmas I did ask God for tangible items (a coat, a laptop, leggings, and a tunic) which He allowed my bestie and my sister to gift to me. However, I also asked for many spiritual and intangible items. Even if I had a doubt before, I now know that just like He blessed me with the tangibles, He will bless me with the intangibles.

So beloved, I challenge you to ASK God for what you need. Then I challenge you to TRUST His timing. Lastly, I challenge you to REST in the peace of His decision.

Beloved, ask [in faith] and you shall receive.

Be Blessed.


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