I Am Mending Brokenness…

My God, my God!

Bible study tonight was not normal or ordinary by any means… IT WAS EXTRAORDINARY!

We finished the actual text of the God Happened To M.E. Devotional last week and tonight we worked on healing exercises. The video is below, but read the information below along with the video.

(bible study)

Exercise #1:

Filling cups…

We cannot pour from an empty cup! We must be full and overflowing in order to be able to pour into others. The cups that we filled represented 10 things (Acceptance, Respect, Affirmation, Security, Affection, Support, Appreciation, Attention, Encouragement, and Comfort) and we had to fill it based on how much we received in our youth. Try this example at home and study what the cups look like. Then fill them in to show where you stand as an adult. Whatever you lack, ask God to fill.

Exercise #2:

Mending Brokenness…

For this exercise you will need a porcelain cup, a plastic bag, a hammer, and a hot glue gun. The cup represents you, the bag is the world, the hammer is sin, and the glue gun is Christ. Place the cup in the bag, use the hammer to break the cup, and then use the glue to put it back together. As you do this, reflect on how God mends us, even in our brokenness. The blessing of this exercise is learning that God can use us the way He sees fit. We tend to think of our lives one way (like a whole cup), but sometimes God has different plans for us- AND THAT’S OK! Let God use you the way He chooses to. Even in our brokenness, God still has a purpose for our lives (read last night’s devotional word here).

No matter what it looks like, SAVE YOUR CUP!

Exercise #3:

Promises to the future M.E….

Grab a sheet of paper and write “Dear Future me.” Then write three promises to yourself. Fold your paper and save it in your cup from exercise #2.

(My newly mended cup will now serve as a beautiful jewelry holder)

I pray that these past few weeks of bible study have blessed your life. I encourage you to purchase the book (get it here) and then add in these exercises for the final night/week. In all that you do, seek Christ and allow Him to guide your life.

Be blessed.

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