What is peace?…

When we are in the middle of our storm, it can be very hard to imagine that there will ever be peace. In fact, with the waters raging so uncontrollably, it’s hard to imagine that peace ever existed. When I think of PEACE, I recall a story that my pastor told me:
“A wealthy man went to a famous painter to commission the painting of ‘peace’. The painter ran home and immediately began painting a beautiful picture of worshipers in service, in prayer. Excitedly, he ran back to the wealthy man to show him the picture and collect payment. The wealthy man commended the painter on his drawing but said that it was not a picture of peace.
So the painter went back home and tried again. This time he painted a picture of a mother holding her newborn baby in her arms. He knew for sure that this would please the wealthy man so he ran back to him to show him the painting. Again, the wealthy man looked at the painting, appreciated it, but stated that it was not peace.
Feeling dejected, the painter went home and stared at a blank canvas, wondering how he would be able to capture the essence of peace that this wealthy man desired. He prayed and thought and then painted his heart away. When he finished, he walked slowly back to the wealthy man and showed him the painting. Once he saw the painting, the wealthy man hugged the painter, thanked him profusely, and paid him the money for the painting.
On the canvas, the painter painted a storm raging against a sea, causing the waves to crash violently into the rocks on the shore. In the midst of the raging waters, there was a bird sitting calmly, unaffected by the waves and resting peacefully.”
Peace does not mean perfection. In fact, it means that there will be troubles but that God is present in the midst of it all.
When troubles arise, turn to Christ- the true Calmer of the seas- and allow Him to be your Peace.
Be Blessed.

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