A prayer against evil…

Last night I read 1 Kings 3 and cried tears of gratitude. While I cried, I prayed Solomon’s prayer, asking God to please bestow His wisdom and spirit of discernment on me.

Then I had a dream about an old friend last night, that I had planned to dismiss this morning, until God sent a scripture that reminded me of my time with this old friend. So I decided to be obedient. In being obedient, I learned that this friend was having a rough moment and expressed her gratitude for me reaching out, I told her what I knew to be true- seek God but offer praises to Him in all situations.

Evil spirits….

Then I decided to tell my mother all about my snake dream from almost 2 weeks ago. As soon as I started talking, she agreed that snakes in a dream are a sign of evilness and something bad. I explained how I realized that the dream was as a result of my sister visiting and how the Lord was warning me about her. I then apologized to my mother for the way things unfolded with my sister (that was the relative that was mentioned in my last blog “The Price of Peace“) and told her that while I was sorry for the argument, I was not sorry for what happened. The truth is, this particular sister has always been conniving and manipulative and now my mother knew the truth, too.

A few hours after my conversation with my mom, I got a FB notification saying that this sister had written on my wall. I go to read the post and there was a profanity-laced message staring back at me. In this moment, I realized just how far God had brought me…because the old M.E. would have reposted the post and tagged my sister in it so that EVERYONE could see just who she truly was. Now that God has changed me, I wait and let Him handle my battles…. for the Bible does say “Vengence is mine, saith the Lord.” 

As I let my mom read the post, I realized that while it’s under my sister’s name, the words were from my 11yr old niece. Even now I don’t know what shocked me more- her words or the fact that her mother (my sister) encouraged and helped her post these words. Needless to say, my mother was livid. I shared with my close girlfriend circle and they were shocked. My other sister was appalled and disappointed. I think we were all just in awe.

A spirit of evilness had consumed my sister and niece and was out to kill, steal, and destroy the rest of my family. That’s what the dream meant and since God gave the dream to me, it was up to me to pray for its removal.

It was (and still is) kinda hard for me to accept that the enemy was infiltrating my family this way…

But then I realized one thing- God was answering my prayer.

A cleansing prayer…

When I realized that evil was in my home and family, I knew that I had to pray for it to leave. So on Friday night I went through the house and prayed in every room. I asked God to cleanse the house and remove all forces and spirits of evil that were trying to destroy me and my mother. I stood in the living room and asked God to prevent evil and those intending harm from even being able to cross the threshold. I prayed that God would not only remove the evil from the house, but that He would also remove the evil spirit that was consuming my sister and my niece. Please understand that her evil ways go far beyond her recent visit and are far too great to detail in a blog.

I felt God move. I felt Him cleansing the house. I knew that He was going to do as my prayer requested.

And He did.

A few incidents later and my sister and niece were out of the house by Monday afternoon.

With her departure, my mother and I began to breath a new, clean air.

And then today happened….

So with everything that has transpired since June 22nd when my sister and niece arrived, I have finally found peace on this day of independence.

When I began this healing journey, I never could have anticipated the different areas of my life that God would touch in an attempt to heal me. I have learned that in every situation, I need to give God thanks and praise. My family may be broken right now, but because I plead the blood of Jesus over us and our situation, I know that in time, we will be healed.


At first I was not going to write a blog, figuring that it was just too hard to explain the intricate nuances of this situation…but then I realized one thing, I wanted to say a prayer. It is always my hope that my posts may help and inspire others but with this post, I want someone to read that when the enemy approaches (and he will), pray without ceasing. Call on your Heavenly Father and He will deliver you from the snares of the enemy.

Be blessed.


Dear Father,

I praise You in the good and I praise You in the bad. I praise You for just being the great I Am. Your name is high in all the earth and so worthy to be praised. Thank You for hearing my heart’s desires and supplying me with my needs. Thank You for being on time and always willing to hear my heart.

Lord, I pray that You would continue to cleanse the evil spirits that attempt to destroy me and my family. Remove the spirits, but save the person. Fill us all with the spirits of forgiveness, love, and healing so that we may be made whole again. Heavenly Father, I know we each have our own crosses to bear and pains that make it hard for us to see You, but I pray a prayer of healing and full restoration over us all. Restore in us the love and joy that only You can bring. 

Heal us, Lord. Mend us completely. Restore in us that same love that sent Your Son to the cross for our sins. 

I release my control of this situation and completely surrender it all to You.

It is in Jesus’ name that I do pray, Amen.

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