Quick thought…

Quick secret about me: I’m probably the worst girly girl ever.

I am all for the dresses, fancy hairstyles, and some beauty regiments but the process is awful.

I absolutely hate getting my nails done.

I firmly believe waxing and threading are painful and a true form of torture.

Constant shaving is overrated.

And getting my hair done puts me to sleep instantly.

However, I am always so pleased with the final results…and I keep going back.

The results are not only aesthetically pleasing to me, but they enhance the beauty that is already inside of me. No offense men, but we women are some beautiful creatures! If you only knew how much our bodies have to endure, you would treat us like the royalty that we are. *points to self* This look does not come easily. Being a woman comes with many painful things but the glam process is an enjoyable form of pain.

Similarly, as Christians, we all go through a painful process in our walk with Christ. We go through moments where we wonder just how much more will be added before we break and crumble under the pressure. It seems as though as soon as one battle is won, another one is heading our way. It’s just hard to catch a break. Understandably, as we go through test after test, we wonder when the “beauty” will shine through.

Lord, how much more suffering will I endure?

Father God, please help me to survive this storm.

Jesus, hear my heart’s prayer!

Test after test, beautification process after beautification process, we call out to God asking that He might take our burdens and make us beautiful in His sight.

And just like a trip to the beauty salon, the final result is always well worth the wait
and the pain.


All we have to do is hold on, be steadfast, and wait on the Lord. As we go through our tests (I say “we” because I am currently in one myself), we must not lose faith. Life will continously pull us from Christ and His word but we must cling all the more closer to Him.

You are beautiful and He is awesome. Try Him for yourself; I promise He is worth the journey.

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