My Heart’s prayer…

Dear Lord,

As I take this journey to learn more about You, please continue to guide my steps. No matter what obstacles may form, please do not allow them to win. 

Even in my brokenness, You have been an ever-present Help. You pour in through my cracks and imperfections and fill me with Your holiness, grace, love, and mercy. Thank You, Lord.

When my heart earnestly seeks after You, You make Your presence felt and available to me.

No matter how I see myself, You still love me and make me feel valuable. My past sins are never too great for You. You love me in spite of it all.

When I fall, You stand by my side and extend a hand for me hold to steady myself. I am never without You.

While I have searched all over, I have not found anyone or anything as powerful and loving as You. 

To You, Lord, I owe my all. My sins were purchased with the price of Your Son’s blameless life on the cross. I did not deserve You then and I will never be able to repay what I owe.

Even though I journey with You, there are still many parts of me that yearn to be healed. Please help me to forgive those who have wronged me (or I feel have wronged me). Please help me to move past all of the hurt and pain that plagued me for so many years. Please help me to forgive myself for all of the wrong that I have done in my life. Please help me to always turn to You no matter what the situation may be.

Please continue to bless my family and loved ones as they walk on their own journeys with You. Wherever they may be, remind them that You were at the beginning, You are with them now, and You are already at the end. They will win with You.

Please continue to bless those that You will send my way along my journey. I pray that only Your words will flow through my writing/speaking and that someone may learn just how much of a healer You are. 

I know this journey will not be easy, but with You all things are possible. Have Your way, Lord. Decrease me so that You may increase. Lord, decrease Michelle and her thoughts/ways so that You and Your thoughts/ways may increase. You are God and God alone.

Continue to help me seek Your Kingdom and Your righteousness first, above all other things.

I thank You for being the Beginning and the End, Alpha and Omega, and the First and the Last. You are He that was, is, and is yet to come. You are my all in all and I thank You.

It is in Jesus’ name that I humbly pray,


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